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Meet The Fellows

Robin Chapman

From the time poet Robin Chapman was eight she has written poetry, returning to it in 1980 in Wisconsin with the commitment to meet with her writing groups weekly, including in her poems topics of daily life, nature, child language, and science.

Kathy Kelsey Foley

Kathy Kelsey Foley has the distinction of having twice served as director of Wausau’s Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, her tenures separated by seven years. She returned to the Woodson in March 1998 and considers the time away from Wausau and the Museum “an extended sabbatical and important learning period.” 

David Frank

David Frank (and family) moved to Wisconsin when he was appointed Artistic Director of the American Players Theatre in the summer of 1991. First as the artistic leader, and eventually as both artistic and managing leader, Frank helped guide this most surprising company through more than two decades of remarkable growth and success.

James P. Leary

James P. Leary is the Birgit Baldwin Emeritus Professor of Scandinavian Studies, an emeritus professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies, and a co-founder of the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures at UW–Madison. Recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Humanities Scholarship, Leary is a fellow of the American Folklore Society and co-editor of Journal of American Folklore. 

John J. Magnuson

John J. Magnuson is Professor Emeritus of Zoology and Limnology at the Center for Limnology, UW–Madison. He was the first director of the Center for Limnology (1982-2000), joined the faculty in 1968, taught both Limnology and Ecology of Fishes for over thirty years, was thesis advisor for 38 PhD and 67 MS students, and published six books and more than 350 papers to date. 

Pradeep Rohatgi

Pradeep Rohatgi received his undergraduate degree from IIT-BHU and his Doctorate in science from MIT in 1964. He was a professor at the Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institute of Technology, and also served as the Founder and Chief Executive of two National Laboratories in India.

Stanley A. Temple

Stanley A. Temple is the Beers-Bascom Professor Emeritus in Conservation in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology and former Chairman of the Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development Program in the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at UW–Madison. For 32 years he held the academic position once occupied by Aldo Leopold, and during that time he won every teaching award for which he was eligible.

Jerry Apps

Thousands of people have learned about Wisconsin’s unique history by reading books written by Jerry Apps. His distinguished career as a prolific author includes more than thirty fiction, nonfiction and children’s books that relate to rural history and country life. Each book offers a vivid slice of rural life in Wisconsin and the Midwest; taken together, Apps’ body of work provides a compelling picture of the history and culture of this state.


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