In this story, is a person on a bus or in a bus? |
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In this story, is a person on a bus or in a bus?

Winter mornings I walk outside before the world starts up again. An occasional car, the early bus with one person on it. Sometimes the wind hasn’t even started and the heat from the chimneys of all the sleepers rises up above the houses. Snow and ice crack under my boots. My lungs fill with the cold air of stars. Sometimes there’s an owl. In today’s story, there’s a moon and also a lot wrong with the world, but here before the news, you can’t tell. Nothing I can do about the steadfast sun, right on schedule. But I get a feeling I can still borrow that predictable plot some time.



Jeanie Tomasko is the author of a few books of poetry and creator of The Blue Dog Blog, a painting and adventure series at She is a retired RN, and she and her husband share a home with two overstuffed cats and one wonderful cattle dog.


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