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civil dialogue

Photo of Jane Elder in front of Academy offices

A ten-year journey carrying the vision forward comes to an end.

Seeing things through a thoughtful perspective, exploring an imaginary world, or savoring a potent phrase all create space to think, reflect, and, yes, escape.

In an era marked by hyperpartisan political discourse and obsessive coverage of the personalities of the moment, Wisconsinites have an objective public media resource in WisconsinEye.

Waupaca has its own Academy Talks, thanks to the Winchester Academy.

The Wisconsin Humanities Council is sparking a conversation on working life in Wisconsin.

In the quest for offering limitless choice, digital marketers and programmers have enabled our retreat into a tribe of one, a singular profile to which all messages can be specifically tailored.

Pay attention. Listen. Be inclusive. Don’t gossip. Show respect. Be agreeable. Apologize. Give constructive criticism. Take responsibility. Most of us learned these basic rules of discussion back in grade school.

While many people don’t bother with visiting or posting to the comments sections of websites, these spaces—much like a town meeting or kitchen table—can be home to the kinds of thoughtful and constructive conversations that transcend cu

How do we resolve America's problems in ways liberals and conservatives will embrace?

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