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About Municipal Utility Providers

Municipal utilities (munis) are owned and operated by the communities they serve. Munis are governed by a board of local elected officials and citizens. There are 81 municipal electric utilities in Wisconsin. As seen in this interactive map, they are well distributed across the state. These utilities are represented by a state association, Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW), which also collects data on its members. WPPI Energy is a nonprofit, regional power company that serves 51 municipal utilities, 41 of which are located in Wisconsin (see the map of WPPI member utilities). WPPI owns and purchases power, which it can then dispatch to member utilities to support reliable supply (learn more about how WPPI works). Some quick facts about munis:

  • Munis provide 11% of retail electricity sales in Wisconsin.*
  • These public, nonprofit utilities are owned by local units of government within a generally dense service area in cities or villages.
  • Their nonprofit business model is to provide at-cost electricity rates.
  • Munis are regulated by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

How do munis compare to other utility models? Check out our Utilities at a Glance chart.

*2016 EIA data of retail MWh.

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