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Book Review

Photo of Anthony Bukoski and his book THE BLONDES OF WISCONSIN

The Blondes of Wisconsin provides an intimate look into the lives of the working-class Polish-Americans who live and love and work in northern Wisconsin. 

Photo of Lauren Fox and her book, SEND FOR ME

A family’s history, like an old jigsaw puzzle, often has missing pieces, stories forgotten or kept secret.

image of author and book cover

A picaresque autobiographical journey that focuses on the simultaneous sense of belonging and dispossession that immigrants and their first-generation children often face.

Photo of book jacket cover and author

Few things have shaped our state more than the Wisconsin Idea. But what the heck is it?

Photo of book jacket cover and author

What constitutes reality and what is merely enticing fantasy?

Photo of author Chris Fink and his new book

“Who’s native and who’s been introduced?” asks a character in Chris Fink’s story, “The Bush Robin Sings.” The question in many ways fits tidily into the other stories within his new collection, Add Thi

Photo of the book reviewed along with author

A semi-fictional narrative about a slave settlement on Washington Island changes our understanding of Door County.

Cover of MAIDS and photo of the author, Abby Frucht

Maids is Abby Frucht’s first collection of poetry, and, as she says on her website, probably her last.

Kim Blaeser's latest collection of poems

In Copper Yearning, poet Kimberly Blaeser fills the pages with light, lore, and love.

In a world of superficial relationships enabled by social media, Steve Hannah’s book, Dairylandia: Dispatches from a State of Mind, shows us the value of taking the time to connect with ordinary people through their extraordinary stories.

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