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Valerie Mangion: "Giraffe Deer," 2015. 12 x 16 inches. Oil on panel.

My Night Vision series evolved out of a strong desire to learn more about the wild creatures that share my 58-acre farm.

Tom Berenz in his Bay View studio. Photo by TJ Lambert/Stages Photography

A survey of the inner landscapes of Milwaukee painter Tom Berenz.

David McLimans poses with some of his artwork. Photograph by Joseph Blough. Copyright © 2010 by JB Patrick Flynn.

Author and Wisconsin Academy Fellow Lorrie Moore reflects on the life and works of artist David McLimans.

Curator, photographer, librarian, archivist, Monuments Man, teacher, philosopher, flaneur, iconographer—Paul Vanderbilt was all these things

It was a chance meeting on a ski run that first piqued Donald Friedlich’s interest in making jewelry. At the age of twenty, unsure of his direction, Friedlich spent a winter in Stowe, Vermont, skiing and contemplating his future.

Ida at Burbank Airport, Los Angeles, 1950. Photograph by Simon Nathan.

Ida Wyman, now 87 and a relative newcomer to Madison, may not be familiar to younger Wisconsinites. But it’s likely her post-war photographs will strike a chord with older ones.

In his seminal book on landscape painting, Kenneth Clark writes that “we are surrounded with things which we have not made and which have a life and structure different from our own: trees, flowers, grasses, hills, clou

For more than thirty years photographer Greg Conniff has focused his attention on the landscapes of daily life—from backyards to the rural countryside—with the conviction that these places and how they look are the soil into which we sink

When Livija Patikne passed away in 2001, her motives for taking hundreds of photographs and desires for what should be done with them simply disappeared. Until the photos were found by Milwaukee photographer James Brozek.

Reginald Baylor, Ascending or Descending (detail), Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 48 inches, 2008. Reprinted courtesy of the artist.

It’s cold. The kind of cold where you breathe in gasps. I’m in Milwaukee to meet and take photos of up-and-coming painter Reginald Baylor, and all I can think is, I should have worn a warmer coat.

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