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Della Wells Collage Course Slide

Collage has played a role in major art movements such as Dada, Surrealism, Pop Art, and the technique also appears in contemporary quilting, photography, painting, and graphic design.

Stebelton Course Slide

A forest, an old field, a prairie remnant, or an urban tree canopy is each a set of constant tensions.

Marja Mills Course Slide

The things we love about engaging memoirs are also what make them challenging to write. The best memoirs do more than capture memories and experiences. They help put our lives in context, explore their meaning and reveal emotional truths.

Two drawings of animal bones side by side

This is a class to explore osteology––the study of bone anatomy––in a visual way.

Spring Sketchbook Course Example Drawings

This is a seasonally-themed sketchbook exploration designed to encourage the incorporation of art into a regular practice for relaxation and artistic exploration.

Image of autumn sketchbook and instructor Jacki Whisenant

Join Jacki Whisenant for a seasonally-themed sketchbook exploration designed to encourage relaxation and artistic exploration.

Photo of Jacki Whisenant and a sketch of pens

Join instructor Jacki Whisenant for an active examination of the written word, and the ways in which language is expressed visually on paper, from simple letterforms to elaborate calligraphic styles.

Instructor Catherine Young and an idyllic scene from Parfrey's Glen

Join instructor Catherine Young in exploring a sense of place in writing.

A photo of instructor Kelly Dwyer with her recent book

Instructor Kelly Dwyer will guide you through writing a plot outline, a character arc, and the main elements of your novel.

Photo and book cover image of Marja Mills

Join bestselling author Marja Mills for an exploration of how to write memoir, personal essay, and other kinds of nonfiction with clarity, style, and substance.

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