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Total Essential Knowledge

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May 4, 2023

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6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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May 11, 2023

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Drawing is a way of thinking. Like writing, drawing clarifies. It deepens our understanding. Join artist Colin Matthes for a Total Essential Knowledge (TEK) workshop, where he’ll demonstrate drawing as a tool to visualize and share knowledge. This workshop is aimed at lifetime learners and offers a fun, low-pressure environment. Over two sessions we will:

  • Learn drawing is for everyone! It is for anyone who cares to think or communicate. That’s you.
  • Find value in the ACT of drawing, the process.
  • Use drawing to research, remember, communicate, and figure things out
  • Learn to slow down and make decisions about what is most important
  • Make our own instructional drawings!

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  • Paper, any kind will do. Standard 8.5x11in copy paper works great.
  • Marking tool(s). The simplest solution is a pencil or pen, but you can really use anything including markers, brushes and paint, etc.
  • Something to document your finished drawing. A scan works great, but a simple cell phone photo in good light will work as well.

SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE: There is one (1) scholarship available for this course. Students of need are encouraged to apply through our Scholarship Application page.

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Colin Matthes has been making instructional drawings for the past thirteen years. This drawing practice has drastically improved Colin’s remembering, storytelling, and creative thinking capabilities. Total Essential Knowledge workshops are how Colin shares and teaches these creative breakthroughs with others.

Colin grew up on a farm on...

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