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briefcases into the dinosaur, counterfactual jackals slavering centipedes in stone: that’s a fine spelunking! way to beak the ink face, gerrymander. to press always fibers between plate glass, a way to break snakeskin boots in! swiftly, madeleine, that’s an unzippered djinn to catnap in: way to steal the kill from the pride, everyone horny or breaking even, wearing keffiyehs and berets and bandoliers, kneading flour into tortillas. encamped in the catskills and adirondacks, preliminary terms in revolt against pedants and idolaters, shalalala lalala la la la interrupted by the cobra bite wind. to drag meat through dirt, madeleine, that will suffice. to work with small brushes, the reflection on the window sill, gag reel blathering on like a gatling gun. the strokes which paint the albino tiger as pink penguin, caribou as cognac, cedar as guile: if sensation could be any more tall and robust; if the tooth could be claw, why not barb at tail’s end or horn upon snout, why not geraniums and bruises? wouldn’t that make each burr-cuffed beard a lovely manticore? denouement: even with the successes in duluth, how pierced by shame the face of the countdown artist crossing the bridge. how the lure jerks and jeers. wouldn’t reading slough a skin childlike against the flint? that is coming into the civility of a better heart, traffic lights turning. how like piety, satire unplugged from withered share as reports of drought rumble in: sheet metal wobbling torsos out, a lung under yes signifying the beast. document for document, terracotta removed from the caverns as blood locust replace the rain, rock filling with fossilized kisses. that’s as brief as disclosure could sheer the electoral dress, to be the bridle in everyone’s mouth shape as they are pushed into shape under the desk: dirtbikes racing among the cedars, the goatpath etched into thermopylae, salamander crawling piebald out a sensation called uncarved marble.

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Jeremy Behreandt was raised in Park Falls, Wisconsin, and currently resides in Madison. He received his BA in creative writing at UW–Eau Claire. His poetry has appeared in Conium Review, Mad Rush, New Gnus, and Wisconsin People & Ideas.

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