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Thomas J. Erickson’s first full-length poetry collection, The Biology of Consciousness, stopped me dead in my tracks, even before I cracked the cover. What on earth could the book or its title poem mean?

My measure of a poem’s quality is often found in the question, “How did the poet think of that?” If that poem should happen to begin an entire collection that has me asking that same question again and again, well, then I know I have something rea

When poets and visual artists work together, they negotiate a shared language.

Asking peopleWhat happens to them          after they dieIs like asking babies in the wombWhat happens to them          After they’re born—How can they answerWhen they don’t even know

the laser brush we watchedburn soot off the gownof an ancient kore

the Delphic light, siftedthrough the nets of the godsto fall on us

An Eau Claire poet's wry take on life, death, and love.

Join the Academy for homemade pie and poetry in Milwaukee
Wisconsin Poet Laureate Karla Huston, 2017. Photo by Mike Roemer/

Karla Huston dishes on poetic process and plans for her new position: Wisconsin Poet Laureate.

Join us for pie and poetry with the new Wisconsin Poet Laureate: Karla Huston.

a cold wet compress to her foreheada brisk rub and warm breath on her pale little handsa shiver     her eyes blink twice then openspring comes around slowly

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