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What constitutes reality and what is merely enticing fantasy?

First cited in the sixteenth century (specifically in a book called Dice-Play), the expression [brown study]—which describes a state of intense, sometimes melancholy reverie, really seems to have hit i

of the need for lyricwhispers and fingertipsbehind my earlike a distant melody

of dappled water that flowswhere tulips opentheir soft petals spreadinglike a morning yawn

Solid as fish shimmerleaping from the skyto regain its ground,its Rock River,its Seine.

This bluethis morning is mere garmentsde mes mémoires faibles.

At the birth of a third daughter, on the eve of world war,my grandfather refused to look at heror come in from the barn.In that old country, deepwithin my newborn mother,in my invisible ovary home,

Wisconsin Poet Laureate Dasha Kelly Hamilton stands in front of The Rebirthing of the Earth Mother, a mural artist Tia Richardson created in 2018 for an exterior wall of the Historic Garfield Apartments (originally Garfield Street School) in Milwaukee’s Bronzeville neighborhood. Photo by TJ Lambert/Stages Photography

Poet. Teacher. Mentor. Maker. It has taken Dasha Kelly Hamilton decades to find a fitting title for her role.

Image of poet Angela Voras-Hills and her poetry book

Join poet Angela Voras-Hills for a course that will focus on the possibilities of poetry, encouraging participants to broaden their writing by experimenting with craft, voice, perspective, and form.

Photo of Mary Wehner

Mary Wehner shares a reading of her prizewinning poems from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest.

Photo of Hansa Kerman Pistotnik

Hansa Kerman Pistotnik reads “Salvation Doesn’t Come, her prizewinning poem from the 2017 Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest, along with a few others.

Photo of Lisa Vihos

 Lisa Vihos reads a few poems, including her award-winning work, “Lesson at the Checkpoint,” from the 2015 Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest.

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