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Wisconsin Poet Laureate Margaret Rozga, 2018. Photo by TJ Lambert/Stages Photography.

While her writing is grounded in the life of her Bay View community, it often reaches out and touches our collective memory.

A Wisconsin Book Festival reading featuring the winners of the Wisconsin People & Ideas 2018 Fiction & Poetry Contest hosted by editor Jason A. Smith

Reticent, needs drawing out, Miss Rinehart

scribbled on my sixth-grade report card.

I vowed to never return, but instead

She chops onions dumps themin black beans garnishedwith overcooked porkadds cumin and rosemaryleftover out-of-dateserendipity for the poorlined neatly on the other side

Act I

Put me where I am usefuljust beneath the topsoilhalf-inch down of warmthand wet loam in my handspitch me a shovel or rakelet me get up when the sunsplits land from sky and blazes

My horoscope saidToday is a ten.

You’re driving; I’m ridingIn a Cadillac convertibleThrough the pouring rain,Soaked to the skin, and more.

A recently published fourth collection, Palominos Near Tuba City, exemplifies the talents that have earned poet Denise Sweet considerable accolades.

There was a boy who was not yet a man who spent a summer graftingbuds onto peach branches. It was hot; it was the bay shore ofMaryland and 1974. He carried a small knife and used it with his

What kind of times are these, whento talk about trees is almost a crimebecause it implies silence about so many horrors?—Bertolt Brecht, “To Those Born Later”

of a wasp appear from layersof lace in your wedding dress.It has just enough zest leftto sting like old vows and brokenpromises. That same day you aredeep into spring cleaning yourdaughter brings home

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