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A Sonnet with Daily Haiku at the Convenience Store

2012 Poetry Contest Honorable Mention
A Sonnet with Daily Haiku at the Convenience Store

1. Saturday’s haiku is stalled in the 7-Eleven® parking lot 2. all night long
waiting for Sunday’s rising over the un-burnt prairie 3. as this haiku forgets
it’s Monday goes on counting without me gets (ready for bed early). 4. This
one tries not to have a name wants to even up the score has no 5. idea what
day is next how to say Thursday or even think a- 6. head to Friday perhaps
slowing a bit to dwell on the meaning of 7. form—wary that you may worry
dear reader about the loss of some named 8. days goes back to retrieve some
sense of order wants to say Wednesday 9. before you can think of Tuesday
before moving on to another 10. day—one beyond seven uncounted unnamed
unknown untold yet here 11. for the first time, henceforth called Arrival Day
or Here Day or Un- 12. counted Haiku Day this day Neither Before Nor After
13. breathing in and out saying: Listen, this is now the meaning
of this.
14. So ends this song of convenience, longing to back out slowly, go

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CX Dillhunt is the author of Things I’ve Never Told Anyone (Parallel, 2007), Girl Saints (Fireweed, 2003), and co-author of Double Six (Endeavor, 1994) with his son Drew. Dillhunt is assistant editor for Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem and was co-editor for the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar: 2006.

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