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Life in Motion

I see you
Trying to snip yourself
Free from the clash of fabric patterns
Outsize the outline of your fierce
and stunning soul
Coast be not ocean
Edge be not your end
I smell the salt water in your conversation
A slow leak of truth from the corners of your grin

I see you
Fumbling to wrap yourself
In the wind
But I know a costume
When I see one
You carve your journey through fire
Blaze ash compacting in your chest
Footsteps forged into scorched Earth rising like breaths of sage
Glancing backwards will always be an inclination
Forward is your instinct

I see you
Hobbling together a truth of your own
Reconsidering the broken pieces
Polishing the gemstones in your scars
You are incomplete and you are the universe
You are an ever evolution
Ever evolution




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Dasha Kelly Hamilton is the Wisconsin Poet Laureate for 2021-2022. She is a writer, performance artist and creative change agent, applying the creative process to facilitate dialogues around human and social wellness. Dasha is the author of two novels, three poetry collections, four spoken word albums, and one collection of personal vignettes.

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