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Salvation Doesn't Come

Second Place Winner - 2017 Poetry Contest

Exhausted, this light.
It was supposed to shine
piercingly bright
set the roof ablaze
melt the fire escape
spark mica in the wall
singe a rat’s whiskers
in its hole.
But side-swiped by a taxi door
window-slammed off discount store
it launched from hood of truck
in a stream
only to be mugged by vent steam
and spun around by high-rise draft
it had hoped to dance
on park grass, but
punch-drunk, paled out
it filtered and fell
confused in a dumb-luck daze
through the curtains of 6A
landing in the trust of 
particles of dust
where it was pacified
with gentleness—

Stupified, this light
is of no consequence.


Hansa Kerman Pistotnik is a poet and photographer whose black-and-white Hancock High, Lake Shore Drive was printed in the 2017 Midwest Review. She is the second-place winner of the 2017 Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest.

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