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150 Years Tall, Many Fathoms Deep

Honoring the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters 150th Anniversary

See through these words, colors,
movements, measures   See first
green shoot, see roots taking hold

and up at the source, see
fissure in the ground, see
clear cold water, a spring 

See trunk, branch, twig,
flowering of leaf or bud
of needle, see, even if you can’t 

See how it rises becoming
brook, becoming creek, rush
of stream, widening, deepening,

see pre-spring sap rising,
see spring flurry of simple
or intricate seed wings

to river ox-bowing, meandering,
banking, absorbing rain, snow, rain
cutting new channels, seeking

Look up and see 150-year
expanse of nurturing canopy  
See how roots took hold, how 

river joins river
         becomes salty, how
words seek full ocean of knowing


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Margaret "Peggy" Rozga is the Wisconsin Poet Laureate for 2019-2020. A native of Milwaukee, Rozga is a poet, playwright and emerita professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha where she taught creative writing and multicultural literature.

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