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Americans today find themselves in the grip of a global pandemic and climate crisis as well as racial and economic inequality—big problems that can only be addressed through government leadership and citizens' participation.

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The concept of democracy is constantly evolving. The framers of the U.S. Constitution had surprisingly diverse visions for American democracy, and found inspiration in multiple sources.

The new book by veteran reporters Jason Stein and Patrick Marley is likely to be the definitive chronicle of the first two years of Scott Walker’s term as Governor of Wisconsin.

In the run up to the 2012 fall elections, UW–Madison professors Lewis Friedland and Michael Xenos discuss the role that social media plays in political organizing.

As the dust was settling from the Democratic and Republican National Conventions at the end of the summer, a friend of mine excitedly posted on Facebook, “I actually heard the word citizenship used!” While I can’t recall how many other people “Lik

Can victims, their families, and communities—even countries—heal after unspeakable acts of violence?

How do we resolve America's problems in ways liberals and conservatives will embrace?

In her Academy Evenings talk, chief economist at the Concord Coalition (Washington DC) and blogger Diane Lim Rogers gives us a fair-minded assessment of the current debate over the federal budget, the widening gap between revenues


In Part III of the Wisconsin Academy's special "Understanding Immigration" series of Academy Evening talks, Benjamin Johnson, executive director of the American Immigration Law Foundation in Washington DC, looks at the impact of i

What role do individual voters play in the current presidential election campaign?

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