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fiction and poetry contest

Watch the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction and Poetry Contest Reading at the 2017 Wisconsin Book Festival, featuring some of Wisconsin's best writers and poets.

I came across a dead porcupine sitting on its bellylooking asleep—his only sign of injury a crookedand bloody nose—and thought perhaps I’d get a poemout of it—this corpse I nearly stumbled over

My brother and I conjured a swamp of black water,filled it with saw-toothed specimens, upping the anteof our basement games. Any trek downstairs

In dim lightGrandma sits at her tableshaving fat and fleshfrom the pig’s skullswick swick swickher knife slicesthrough bristled skinpast cartilage and brain

I.It is 76 degrees with no chance of snow for decades.Some people don’t know what its like to live October through Marchwithout blue sky.

We trudge through last year’s corn stubble in a wayward, straggling line,drunken with the hour and the cold. It’s April, 4 AM, the air metallic in our noses.We stoop low, clamber awkwardly into plywood boxes slouching in slush,

Every year Wisconsin People & Ideas, the Wisconsin Academy's quarterly magazine of Wisconsin thought and culture, hosts fiction and poetry contests that garners hundreds of submissions f

As the young, slight, male manicuristdeftly massages my hand, we turn our headsin opposite directions as if such pleasurebetween strangers were unseemly in light

Prayer (Song) for Magic

Please be advised that snow globes are not allowed through the security check point.                                                           —LaGuardia Airport sign

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