Climate Forward 2017 Update Media & Community Briefing |
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Climate Forward 2017 Update Media & Community Briefing

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

There have been many notable developments concerning climate and energy over the past few years in Wisconsin since the Wisconsin Academy released its 2014 Climate Forward report. This media and community briefing comes on the publication of an update to our 2014 report that acknowledges clean energy progress in Wisconsin, flags missed opportunities where our state is falling behind neighboring states, and highlights opportunities that have emerged in the interim.

Academy Executive Director Jane Elder and Initiatives Director Chelsea Chandler provide a summary of our four key takeaways from the update report and lead a panel discussion with report steering committee members:

  • Tyler Huebner, Executive Director, RENEW Wisconsin
  • John Imes, Executive Director, Wisconsin Environmental Initiative
  • Gary Radloff, Director of Midwest Energy Policy Analysis, Wisconsin Energy Institute
  • Mary Schlaefer, President & CEO, WECC
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Chelsea Chandler was the director of the Academy's Environmental Initiatives from 2016 to 2020. She led the Climate & Energy and Waters of Wisconsin Initiatives, to which she brought her interdisciplinary experience and passion for researching and communicating solutions to environmental challenges.

Jane Elder is executive director of the Wisconsin Academy. She brings to the Wisconsin Academy a strong background in public policy leadership, nonprofit management, and involvement in Wisconsin arts. Her career has focused on environmental policy and communications, while personal interests include theater, modern dance and painting.

John Imes, executive director and co-founder of Wisconsin Environmental Initiative (WEI), has over 25 years of experience creating and managing award-winning programs for improving our environment and economy.

Mary Schlaefer is CEO of WECC, a nonprofit that designs and implements energy efficiency, renewable energy, and related finance programs across the United States. In her tenure, WECC has delivered more than 5.3 billion kilowatt-hours and 200 million therms of savings for WECC’s clients.

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