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Dragonwings Bookstore

Waupaca, WI
Dragonwings Bookstore

Located on Main Street in Waupaca, Dragonwings is a large and lively bookstore with a focus on science fiction and fantasy for children. The locally-owned Dragonwings regularly hosts readings and puppet demonstrations in their Dragon's Tree House, a massive, hollow trunk stuffed with games and eco-friendly toys.

Most popular among the many titles interspersed with toys and games throughout the store is the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, says owner Ellen Davis. The series chronicles the adventures of twelve-year-old Jackson, who discovers he is the son of Poseidon, the Ancient Greek God of the Sea. "The series has really revived interest in mythology and ancient Greek gods among kids ages eight to twelve," says Davis.

Davis attributes the success of her independent bookstore, which has been in Waupaca for over fifteen years, to myriad community outreach efforts. "We work with schools, libraries, Project Headstart," she says. "We just did a six week project with grandparents--no kids--where we taught them some ready-to-go things that they could do with grandchildren like activities, projects, field trips, etc. We took them out to the river and showed them how to make fairy houses."

The bookstore's focus on fantasy and science fiction allows it to thrive in an active downtown that includes two other bookstores. "All of us [bookstores] have been in business a long time. We do well because we have different niches: Used books, trade paperbacks and magazines, and children's books. Plus, we all have a lot of pride in our downtown."

Dragonwings is located at 108 North Main Street in Waupaca. Call 715-256-9186 or visit dragonwings.com for more information.

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