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Divorce Day

Afraid I will fall in love again
with his honey-colored wisps of hair
and sturdy sinewed arms
I wear a new red dress
a fiery shield from regret

Then driving to the courthouse
I hear today marks the 50th anniversary
of the Hindenburg disaster
when spark burst helium into flame
dirigible crumpled to the ground

Life Magazine cover May 6, 1937
kindled horror in my childhood.
men caught mid-air hurtling to death
burned skins of flesh and fabric

I see him smoking in the hallway
amid the ashes of our marriage
he wears a soot black suit
I sign papers with no lament
jump ship before the judge. 

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Nancy Bauer-King is a retired United Methodist clergywoman who wrote sermons for 25 years. A life-long resident of Wisconsin, Bauer-King has lived much of her long life in the southern part of the state.

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