Twilight: A Haiku Assay Sequence |
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Twilight: A Haiku Assay Sequence

Not looking up at 

those lugubrious geese who

knows if they looked


Perhaps someone saw

their underglow there riding

in sight of twilight


This kind of light holds

on for more all the more re(peating)

our arrhythmia


Some crepuscular

time it takes some time to be

of two minds two lights

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CX Dillhunt is the author of Things I’ve Never Told Anyone (Parallel, 2007), Girl Saints (Fireweed, 2003), and co-author of Double Six (Endeavor, 1994) with his son Drew. Dillhunt is assistant editor for Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem and was co-editor for the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar: 2006.

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