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Abby Corso and Delmar Gillus of Elevate Energy talk about how to incorporate equity and diversity.

I want to bring awareness to the issue of sustainability and climate change from a different perspective—our health.

At the 2013 Academy-hosted Innovators Showcase in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Office of Environmental Sustainability deputy director Erick Shambarger discusses how individuals and businesses alike can make smart energy efficiency choices that benefit people, profit, and planet.

Roy Thilly, a former energy company executive, outlines the choices we've made—and likely will make—regarding energy use and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions. 

Wisconsin leaders are developing breakthroughs and forging creative and practical solutions that will make our climate, water and energy future brighter and cleaner.

While seven out of ten Americans believe climate change is real, most have a difficult time understanding how it affects them—and what they can do about it.


Wisconsin has historically been a leader in conservation policy, but is not yet in the vanguard of innovative strategies to address climate change.

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