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Wisconsin history

Specimens from UW-Madison Zoological Museum. Photo: Bryce Richter

In this era of rapid environmental change, the animal, mineral, and plant specimens preserved in natural history collections offer a crucial window into the past.

Photo of the book reviewed along with author

A semi-fictional narrative about a slave settlement on Washington Island changes our understanding of Door County.

Greg, Mardell, and Alexander Vreeland of the Great Northern Wisconsin Railroad, which is one of the only family-owned heritage railroad operations in the country.

Railroading is a family affair for Greg, Mardell, and Alexander Vreeland. Their Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad is one of the few family-owned heritage railroad operations in the country.

John Gurda explores how in Milwaukee, as in other American cities, differences became divisions—and how we can work to reconcile the promise of diversity with its abundant challenges.

What does promise does the American Dream hold in a highly fragmented society?

Writing in Stone at the James Watrous Gallery

How do we remember and respond to the wisdom of our ancestors? What events from our history should we honor with a monument?

Katie Ries, original illustration for The Land Scouts' Guide Book, 2014. Ink on paper.

Can visual art be taught through radio? The producers of WHA’s “Let’s Draw” program thought so.

In a political season rife with hyperbole, posturing, half-truths, intolerance, and worse, author and UW–Madison Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication Jack Mitchell reminds us that there is a media outlet where intelligent debate and publ

Historian and Wisconsin Academy Fellow John Gurda shares the story behind his new hometown chronicle.

Photo provided courtesy of Milwaukee Public Museum

Bringing 21st century digital technology to the Streets of Old Milwaukee (don't worry: Granny is still there).

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