Carved by Ice, Shaped by Time: Wisconsin's Glacial Heritage |
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Carved by Ice, Shaped by Time: Wisconsin's Glacial Heritage

Sunday, July 30, 2023 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

On Sunday, July 30, 2023 at Piece of Mined in Mayville, WI, Color in the Outdoors' Christopher Kilgour and Geologist Rudy Molinek took us on a journey through Wisconsin's frozen past in Carved by Ice, Shaped by Time: Wisconsin's Glacial Heritage, the first talk in the Wisconsin Academy's "A Time Traveler’s Tour of Wisconsin’s Geology" series. We learned about the different types of glaciers that covered the region and how these differences were caused by preexisting geologic formations, creating diverse landscapes across the state. We also discovered the impacts of cyclical glaciation on regional climate and ecology, as well as how to spot the glacial features that underly familiar Wisconsin locales from Lake Superior to Kettle Moraine and beyond.

Through informative visuals and engaging storytelling, attendees gained a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes and learned how glacial history and modern landscape are intimately linked. We also explored how the legacy of the Ice Age still influences the geography and ecosystems of the region today.



Thanks to the Wisconsin Academy donors, members, and the following event sponsors for their support:
The Time Traveling Through Wisconsin's Geology Series is sponsored by the Ice Age Trail Alliance and Color in the Outdoors



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Founder of Color in the Outdoors (CITO), Christopher has spent his entire life exploring and enjoying the outdoors in one capacity or another. His main motivation for starting CITO was to be able to connect people with the outside world and with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

Rudy Molinek is a PhD student in geology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. When not researching the ancient ice sheets that once swept across the upper Midwest, he’s also a writer and host of the podcast Under Our Feet, where he explores stories of the inextricable links between humans and the earth in Wisconsin.

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