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Wisconsin People & Ideas – Spring 2014


In this issue:  The Wisconsin Arts Board celebrates 40 years of fanning the flames of arts and culture in our state.  White-nose syndrome makes an unwelcome appearance in our threatened bat population. Meet the Wisconsin Academy Fellows class of 2014. An interview with Shotgun Lovesongs author Nickolas Butler. A photo essay by Milwaukee artist Lois Bielefeld examines what's for dinner in America. Fiction and poetry from our 2014 contest winners, book reviews of new Wisconsin titles, and more.

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White-nose syndrome, a bat disease that has spread to 23 states and killed up to five million bats since 2006, has been confirmed in Wisconsin, according to officials from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Pay attention. Listen. Be inclusive. Don’t gossip. Show respect. Be agreeable. Apologize. Give constructive criticism. Take responsibility. Most of us learned these basic rules of discussion back in grade school.

Art that interacts with and improves local communities is essential for maintaining—and improving—our quality of life in Wisconsin.

Most people in Wisconsin know at least one or two innovative people whose work has transformed our state and the world in some meaningful way. These people—doctor, painter, or poet—are our friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

I admit it—I’m nosy. I’ve always been fascinated by people’s habits and personal spaces, and what they reveal. There are things we all do: eat and sleep, for example.

It was a chance meeting on a ski run that first piqued Donald Friedlich’s interest in making jewelry. At the age of twenty, unsure of his direction, Friedlich spent a winter in Stowe, Vermont, skiing and contemplating his future.


Nickolas Butler was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Janke Book Store has been a fixture of downtown Wausau for generations. Erected in 1874 by Richard J.

Global climate change is a serious issue that becomes more serious with each passing day.

“My father is flying, my father is flying,” Rachel chants as they rush around the house in a panic, moving their mattress down to the tatami room and making their bedroom ready for the visit. 

In Marketplace of the Marvelous: The Strange Origins of Modern Medicine, Erika Janik traces the development of alternative (or “irregular,” as it was known then) medicine in nineteenth century America.

Iowa resident Janine Brown’s life changes in an instant when she wins a dream home on the coast of Maine. The only trouble is that there are two Janine Browns living in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and both believe they’ve won the dream home.

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