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Jun 30 to Aug 14
Kyoung Ae Cho, Spring, 2019 (detail).
Sep 9 to Oct 30
DMace_So’ (Stars), 2019
Sep 9 to Oct 30


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Climate change is real. That’s not news to elders in Wisconsin’s Native American communities.

A scientist in a lab coat and gloves uses a pipette

Three public health experts in Wisconsin provide invigorating insights as they share their experiences working on Covid-related research.

“Forward” by Marjorie Kreilick. Located in the Milwaukee State Office Building. Photo: Eric Vogel

I’ve accepted the idea that art and architecture are one and the same… anything you call separately as art, whether it be sculpture, or

New & Interesting

Andy and Jess on Kemp trai

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Wisconsin’s forested landscapes are ripe with potential for increasing carbon sequestration and...

While climate change is a global issue, ultimately all climate impacts are local. Climate-mediated weather events are affecting communities across...

Covid 2 years on program graphic

Over 12,000 Wisconsinites have died from COVID-19. Many more have suffered illness due to the virus. After two years battling COVID, uncertainty...

Indigenous knowledges and perspectives are not commonly recognized in climate adaptation planning focused on natural and cultural resource...

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