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Wisconsin Academy Fellow and poet Robin Chapman shares two poems about the same piece of land in Wisconsin’s Marquette County, written thirty years apart, that visit and revisit a hillside remnant prairie and oak woods about two miles from naturalist John Muir’s boyhood home.

Otto Rindlisbacher, folk singer and maker of stringed instruments, sitting in his shop holding a Hardanger fiddle. Photo ca. 1941 by folklorist Helene Stratman-Thomas. Reprinted by permission of the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS: #25413).

Wisconsin Academy Fellow and folklorist James P. Leary guides us through a brief musical history of America’s Upper Midwest.

Stanley A. Temple addresses the audience at the May 17, 2014, rededication of the Passenger Pigeon Monument at Wyalusing State Park. Temple, who led the effort to restore the 67-year old monument, has traveled the U.S. this year on a speaking tour in observance of the centenary of the extinction of the species.

A century after the bird’s extinction, conservation biologist and Academy Fellow Stanley A. Temple reminds us of the tragic story of the passenger pigeon.

At long last we have a biography of Increase A. Lapham, one of Wisconsin’s most important early residents.

The April 27, 2014, video of the election of our 2014 Wisconsin Academy Fellows, Wisconsinites with extraordinary levels of accomplishment in their fields as well as a lifelong commitment to intellectual discourse and public service.

For the Science & Society showcase event at the 2013 Wisconsin Science Festival, Academy Fellow and atmospheric scientist Steven Ackerman discusses the future of weather satellite technology and its connection to Wisconsin.

For the Science & Society showcase event at the 2013 Wisconsin Science Festival, Academy Fellow and biochemist Laura Kiessling explains how the manipulation of the carbohydrate "coat" that cells wear on their surface can direct the differentiation of embryonic stem cells to medically important cells.

For the Science & Society showcase event at the 2013 Wisconsin Science Festival, Academy Fellow and bioethicist R. Alta Charo discusses the effect of the public debate around embryonic stem cells on the development of a phenomenon called “stem cell tourism.”

Wisconsin Academy Fellow and former US Secretary of Defense and Melvin R. Laird reminds us of our responsibility to each and every veteran, to assist them in assimilating back into society through medical assistance and help in securing employment, education, and housing.

Academy Fellow and atmospheric scientist Steve Ackerman shares the story of how the era of weather satellites began here in Wisconsin—and how we can use satellite technology to address climate change.

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