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Tom Jones’s Encountering Cultures, a photographic series focused on historical reenactments of the French fur trade era (circa 1760–1840) called Rendezvous, opened on March 9th at the James Watrous Gallery in Madison.

In 2007, the Wisconsin Arts Board's Percent for Art program commissioned six photographers to create portraits of contemporary Wisconsin worker.

When Livija Patikne passed away in 2001, her motives for taking hundreds of photographs and desires for what should be done with them simply disappeared. Until the photos were found by Milwaukee photographer James Brozek.

I could feel a draft moving through Milwaukee’s Broadway Theatre Center’s rehearsal hall that snowy January afternoon. The artistic directors from Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and Forward Theater Company leaned back in their folding chairs.

Rendered in Kodachrome's gently grayed hues, Patikne's images evoke the texture of her modest yet stylish domestic life, tinged with playfulness, bravado, and a lingering melancholy.

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