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Learn more about Paul Vanderbilt from independent scholar and photographer James Rhem, who knew Vanderbilt well. In Rhem's words, "Vanderbilt was many things.

Join us on Sunday, September 14 from 1:00-4:00 pm to celebrate the opening of The Archive as a River: Paul Vanderbilt and Photography.

Paul Vanderbilt. Courtesy of Wisconsin Historical Society.

This exhibition celebrates the work of Paul Vanderbilt, an archivist, photographer, and visionary who sought new ways to understand the world through visual images. Developed in collaboration with the Wisconsin Historical Society's Archives Division.

Michael Kienitz, Kevin Miyazaki, and Craig Schreiner discuss their own work and reflect on the way photographic images can be used to record personal narrative, document conflict, capture a cultural landscape, and share the human experience.

Noted for their extraordinary detail and rich, atmospheric quality, Conniff's prints reflect a sensibility closely attuned to the large-format work of nineteenth-century photographers in the American West.

I admit it—I’m nosy. I’ve always been fascinated by people’s habits and personal spaces, and what they reveal. There are things we all do: eat and sleep, for example.

There is an inherent distance to photographing on the ice. It is a long way from shore to where the fish and the shanties are clustered, and this distance is almost always a component of the photographs. 

Ida at Burbank Airport, Los Angeles, 1950. Photograph by Simon Nathan.

Ida Wyman, now 87 and a relative newcomer to Madison, may not be familiar to younger Wisconsinites. But it’s likely her post-war photographs will strike a chord with older ones.

Jason Vaughn: Columbus, Wisconsin, 2013.

Hide is a project that began as a commentary on Wisconsin’s hunting tradition, using deer stands as a metaphor for the changing values of the sport.

Graham Yeager at James Watrous Gallery

Graham Yeager's sculptures in steel and wood are finished with a palette of strong, vibrant color. Tyler Robbins's photomontages are a fresh offshoot of his photographic series focused on the suburbs' landscapes, rituals, and citizenry.

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