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An evening reading with the US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo at Overture Center for the Arts.

Frank Anderson's (Wisconsinology) Wisconsin Monsters Myths and Legends poster forms the backdrop for this event image


A Wisconsin Book Festival reading featuring the winners of the Wisconsin People & Ideas 2019 Fiction & Poetry Contest hosted by editor Jason A. Smith

Got big questions about America? Ask a historian.

In a world of superficial relationships enabled by social media, Steve Hannah’s book, Dairylandia: Dispatches from a State of Mind, shows us the value of taking the time to connect with ordinary people through their extraordinary stories.

The very title of Tom Montag’s latest book of poetry started a Simon & Garfunkel song playing in my head. “How terribly strange to be seventy,” a 27-year-old Paul Simon wrote in “Old Friends” back in the late 1960s.

         I am lazing around, sharing my attic roomwith Cincinnati’s swelter and three more booksfrom the library—Girl of the Limberlost, Jo’s Boys,Dr. Doolittle—when the church bells begin to ring

One would expect gracklesor crows, purple necks stretched outin the backstreet gloom, flutteringfrom dumpster to chain-link fence.

In what seems another lifetime,I drove a bus for Greyhound.Riders weren’t allowed to talk to the driver,and I couldn’t talk to them—company rules—and I wasn’t allowed to look at a map,

Ken Seguine and Jay Gilbertson of Hay River Farm have been producing artisanal pumpkin seed oil since 2005.

Wisconsin farms are making artisanal cold-pressed oils for cooking and health.

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