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Kat Becker and Tony Schultz of Stoney Acres Farms in Athens, Wisconsin. Photo by James Gill/Wisconsin Public Television.

Some small family farms in Wisconsin are providing a unique (and direct) take on farm-to-table dining.

Even though global warming is a politically polarizing topic, it’s worth considering some areas of common ground—both figuratively and literally—when it comes to how we manage the carbon dioxide (CO2) that we’re releasing into the atmos

The voluminous new history of Wisconsin agriculture by author and historian Jerry Apps is a pleasure to consume, learn from, and enjoy.

Luke Zahm is fomenting a food revolution at Driftless Cafe in Viroqua.

Luke Zahm is fomenting a food revolution at Driftless Cafe in Viroqua.

Driftless Area farmer Vince Hundt's pasture-grazed cows gather under Shade Haven.

A new tool for rotational grazing takes advantage of an ancient principle.

Scultpor Karl Unaasch's "Ruminant" finds a permanent place to park in Reedsburg.

Buying produce, milk, and eggs from your local farmer is a great way to eat sustainably and support Wisconsin’s 66,600 small family farms. Like most small businesses, family farms operate with a very thin profit margin.

At the 2013 Academy-hosted Innovators Showcase in Milwaukee, John and Dorothy Priske of Fountain Prairie Farm discuss a range of climate- and energy-conscious practices for farms, including wind turbines and sustainable land management.

As Donna Neuwirth sees it, the recent economic downturn has created an opportunity for Wisconsinites to re-imagine our relationship with food and entertainment.

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