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Image of Forward Wisconsin statue floating by drowned Capitol Building

Chelsea Chandler hosts a discussion on Energy Use and reviews outcomes from the 2019 Climate Fast Forward conference.

Debbie Branson, New Market Manager at Madison Gas & Electric Co., discusses the future of electric vehicles.

What happens when 75 thoughtful Wisconsin leaders come together to tackle a challenge?  Good things!

Energy conservation measures under way at UW–Stevens Point include upgrading lights to energy efficient LED lights. Here (l to r), Andy Klessig, Jose Rodriguez and Patrick Houlihan of Faith Technologies replace lighting in a Science Building lecture hall.

The University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point has achieved a new milestone in sustainability.

What does the path look like for Wisconsin? Conservation, efficiency, renewables, smart transportation systems, and other strategies can help reduce our carbon footprint and green our energy sources. Where are the big opportunities in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Academy executive director Jane Elder shares an overview of our new Climate Forward report at Resilient Wisconsin Day 2014.

At the 2013 Academy-hosted Innovators Showcase in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District director Kevin Shafer outlines how updated infrastructure and monitoring equipment saves the city water and energy at the same time.

At the 2013 Academy-hosted Innovators Showcase in Milwaukee, West Central Wisconsin Community Action Agency director Peter Kilde discusses how energy efficiency techniques and alternative energy systems can significantly reduce fossil fuel use and carbon emissions.

At the 2013 Academy-hosted Innovators Showcase in Milwaukee, NewenHouse Kit Homes developer describes the philosophy and practice behind passive homes.

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