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Wisconsin People & Ideas – Winter 2012

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Kinnickinnic Avenue is a bustling purgatory. Marred by industry and pockmarked with vacant lots, Kinnickinnic runs north and south between Milwaukee’s trendiest neighborhood—the Third Ward—and up-and-coming Bay View.

Jerry’s gone missing.

Jerry and I walk west from Charles’ studio down Lincoln Avenue through the rubble of a road under construction.

When Bernard Gilardi died in 2008 at the age of 88 he had made nearly four hundred oil paintings.

Have you ever wanted to ask a scientist a pressing question about current scientific and technological research?


Make it part of your 2012 New Year’s resolution to host an Aldo Leopold Weekend in your city or town.

Academy Fellow and Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson outlines how the court system is taking notice of those persons who come into contact with the criminal justice system—even though taking notice is not an easy process...

I could feel a draft moving through Milwaukee’s Broadway Theatre Center’s rehearsal hall that snowy January afternoon. The artistic directors from Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and Forward Theater Company leaned back in their folding chairs.

The Pro Are Quartet today: Sally Chisholm, viola; Parry Karp, violoncello;  Suzanne Beia, violin; David Perry, violin

“Four rational people conversing” was how the brilliant writer and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described to a friend in 1829 the genre of the string quartet.

When Arcadia Books opened its doors in downtown Spring Green this past May, owner James Bohnen found himself realizing the dream he’s had since his twenties.

One morning a few weeks ago, on the way to the office of my friend and colleague John Huston, I stopped at a local café to get us a few cups of java to go.

Foggy water. Watery fog. It enveloped the Alaskan ferry until the boat’s Chief Engineer, Miles Gopon, saw more than fog. He saw sheets of lace. Pink lace. Panties.

Readers who remember Betsy Draine and Michael Hinden’s joint memoir, A Castle in the Backyard: The Dream of a House in France (University of Wisconsin Press, 2006), and The Walnut Cookbook (Ten Speed Press, 1998), written by Jean


“The power of human desire is matched only by our inability to express those desires,” explains Matthew Garth, the teenage narrator of Larry Watson’s American Boy.

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